7bit movements /2022

“7bit movements” is an artistic investigation into the boundaries of visual perception.


13 international artists created short 7bit GIF animations to challenge our perception of movement. What does it take to have the impression of a movement? How do we identify a moving object, its direction, its orientation, its speed?


The rough and glitchy 7bit teletext aesthetics serve as a boundary and facilitator at the same time: they sometimes cover and sometimes highlight certain details to create novel experiences of visual perception and delusion.


The contributing artists are Bloom Jr., Gleb Divov, Gnothi Kollektiv, Max Haarich, Michael Käsdorf, die Köpfe, Tatjana Lee, muzsa, Pierro, Sebastian Quast, Rabanheidr, tiegenhof, and tius.


All artworks have been created with custom software made by the contributing artist tius.


“7bit movements” has been curated by Max Haarich, the initiator of TeleNFT.


The artworks will be available for purchase here: https://versum.xyz/user/tz1Kha7rF3cbGW87wmeAkfBxpxKnXkmU5Lqf/collaborations