Max Haarich

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Institute for Applied Paradox


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Max Haarich (he/his) is an artistic researcher, ethicist, and consultant with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT).


He has studied communication science at RWTH Aachen (DE) and Critical Thinking at the University of the Underground (US). After his studies he researched Artificial Superintelligence at RWTH Aachen and later worked as Manager Communications for Europe’s leading startup center before he quit his job to found the Munich Embassy of the Lithuanian artist republic Užupis.


Max Haarich is lecturer for the University of the Underground and Director of the Užupis University’s Institute for Applied Paradox. He is reviewer for international journals like Leonardo by MIT press. He is member of leading committees around artificial intelligence and art like the European AI Alliance, AI4EU, the Goethe A(I)lliance, Bosch Cultural Managers Network and Mozilla’s working group on trustworthy AI. His work aims to reveal and challenge predominant paradigms to explore yet unthinkable ideas.

In love with paradox, pixels, and peanuts because they all start with π.