Užupis Principles for Trustworthy AI /2019

AI as a knowledge processing and decision making technology raises many questions and concerns about how to control it and how to prevent abuse. Current governance structures still try to monitor and sanction the totality of AI applications. The sheer extent and pace of AI adoption renders this approach increasingly insufficient. Therefore, Užupis engages to strengthen the ethical values of each individual, which form the basis of all AI applications. Our constitution‘s Munich right and our Principles for Trustworthy AI Design strongly emphasize our own responsibility.

The Užupis Principles for Trustworthy AI Design shall serve as a complementary to the European Union’s recommendations on trustworthy AI (The Munich Embassy of Užupis is member of the European AI Alliance, which created the EU’s recommendations). These are the first principles, which rely on trust in the people designing AI, support an ongoing process of readjusting the AI, and foster adoption to diverse and dynamic conceptions of ethics. The principles neither certify nor enforce the design of AI for common good. They rather encourage you to stay true to yourself and act responsibly towards others.