./M – Dawn of the Metaverse

A multimodal exhibition of NFT-based crypto and pixel art.

“Smallest Sunrise in the World”, Max Haarich (2021)

The metaverse is the idea of a shared virtual space where anyone can be anything. Humans would leave their biological bodies behind to migrate into a boundless world. The latest developments in blockchain technology and virtual reality made the implementation of the metaverse rapidly tangible. During the current hype around non-fungibel tokens, millions of people invested billions of dollars into digital goods for a digitized future. They bought arts and assets, which, in most cases, consisted of nothing but pixels and existed nowhere but on screens. Nevertheless, this is the substance that shall make us feel home in the metaverse like it makes us feel home today.


The exhibition .M investigates the substance of the metaverse and its roots in recent culture. It examines blockchain technology as a social bond and pixels as a physical substance connecting past and future. The decentralized and multimodal design of the exhibition will reflect and demonstrate the imagination and origin of the metaverse. The works will be presented in a variety of physical and virtual spaces ranging from classic teletext to modern VR rooms.


Curators: Max Haarich, Gleb Divov


More info to come soon.