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“Ode to Joy” by H.E. Max Haarich.


The Scherenschnitt 3.0 exhibition shows digital art. The basis for the works created in 2023 are silhouettes from a bygone era. In the Museum im Hüsy in Blankenburg (Switzerland), collector Hans-Jürgen Glatz is showing more than 400 historical silhouettes/cut-outs (Scherenschnitte) from Switzerland and various European countries. Already two centuries before the “invention” of the Bernese Oberland silhouette, artists and amateurs began to work with cut-outs. Convent women made filigree images of saints. In Geneva, members of the upper classes created landscapes with scissors; in many families, people had their portraits painted in the form of silhouettes. Digital artists take the silhouettes as inspiration or reinterpret specfic works from the collection of the Hüsy Gallery.

The created GIFs were presented in the Espace Vide Gallery in Thun in July 2023 together with original cut-outs.