$HUX 4 ALL /2024

“$HUX 4 ALL” is a decentralized app on the Tezos blockchained, that allowed people to give each other virtual hugs. By transfering 1 million of my custom $HUX token to another person, both, sender and receiver would get a free NFT as a memory of that virtual hug.


Here is my <medium article> about the motivation behind the project and how it went 😻


$HUX 4 ALL Dapp: hux.uzupis.de

$HUX contract: KT1MT3rZkTE8cN8eGQaNJ2Wg2D2nPPtdxELv

NFT contract: KT1Wz92wmPaBmR4eEk9J2iAds2n1NEQTVsFb

$HUX Memories collection on objkt.com