Kitsch /2021

Fine art is fine but kitsch warms your soul. Kitsch is collection of NFTs to make you feel home in the metaverse. We all know these motifs. We have seen them a thousand times in the living room of our auntie and in the living room of all other aunties. I went to my auntie, photographed and minted them, so they can also decorate your auntie’s living room in the metaverse. There are approximately 1 Billion aunties on this planet. So I minted one copy dedicated to each selling one at a time.


The Kitsch collection is a comment on the predominant futuristic style of NFT artworks, which are meant to be the decoration of the upcoming Metaverse. The Metaverse shall be a place for everyone, but not everyone feels comfortable with the futuristic art recently offered on NFT market places. The Kitsch collection worships the non-elitest art that potentially billions of people could own and identify with.


At the same time it is a statement on NFTs promise to create ownership and scarcity in the digital space. This attempt seems to fire back to erode the idea of copyrights in the physical world. The distinction between copyright infringement and artistic expression is becoming less clear and more arbitrary. As of today, it is forbidden to sell a scan of someone else’s painting. Yet, it would be allowed to sell a photo of a living room, where that painting is visible somewhere in the background. The Kitsch collection tries to capture the exact border case, the photo of the artwork in a physical frame, where the original artwork is neither directly copied nor trivialized as a background element. As of today, nobody knows how to handle this case. Hopefully humanity will decide in favor of altruism. The wisest thing humanity ever invented was not to possess but to share.

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