Money Mouse /2020

Money Mouse is a multi-modal character developed for and with the Punch Agathe theatre project. It reveals and exaggerates the reckless greed in today’s financial markets.


The Money Mouse project was started by accumulating 12 fine gold coins in an investment fund. These coins were refined by a gold smith and auctioned on ebay. The auction returns were invested by a cryptohopper trade bot that obeyed Korean pump and dump groups. The generated profits were invested into “care packages” filled with legally available things like empty AK47 ammo or low radioactive Uranium. These care packages were symbolically sent into crisis regions to fuel the conflict further. The growing crises of the world would increase the value of our crisis sensitive gold coin stock to accelerate a spiral of growing returns and crises until Money Mouse would destroy the world and own all the money.



Money Mouse was also realized as an 8 meter tall inflatable puppet that would eat giant gold coins in public. The puppet became an activist fighting against greed and for the student rights in the Hungarian SZFE-Protests.