NFT Certificates /2021

NFT Certificates are NFTs that function as financial products. In contrast to all other financial products, our NFT Certificates can protect you from earning money. At the same time, they make it possible for investors to gain profits which are out of reach for any other financial product. Normal leverage certificates traded on the stock market usually promise a profit factor between two and a maximum of ten, we guarantee profit factors up to 1,000. How is this possible?

In cooperation with crypto pioneer Gleb Divov and his colleagues from the Užupis CryptoArt Hub “Digital / Kalnas” we developed NFT-based mechanisms that effectively protect investors against profits — aligned with the spirit of the Republic of Užupis. We have created new NFTs for this purpose, which, similar to warrants known from stock trading, allow a bet on the amount of the auction revenue.

For example, we have issued a “LONG Certificate” that you can buy for 0,314 ETH. With this certificate you will be betting that the black copy of the constitution will receive a minimum bid of 314 ETH (approx. USD 5 million) until the end of the auction in more than three years. If the constitution does not achieve this price, you earn nothing. But if the constitution achieves that price, you will receive a perverse premium of 314 ETH. That would be thousandfold of your 500-USD-invest within 𝝅 years (yes, a thousandfold).

This is easily possible because we own both, the certificate as well as the artworks you bet on. The premium of the certificate would be paid directly from the auction revenues of our artwork. and protect ourselves from absurd profits. If we managed to auction off the black copy of the constitution for the enormous sum of 314 ETH, we would instantly transfer the 314 ETH to the holder of the LONG certificate.

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