Pixel Chronometers /2021

Pixel Chronometers is part of my artistic research on pixels as the substance of the metaverse funded by the Bavarian State Ministry for Arts and Science. In this project I am investigating the mechanics of pixels. I was wondering whether it is possible to build new tools based on the metaphysics of the metaverse.

The first result is a series of maximally reduced Pixel Chronometers which are much smaller than they could ever be in the physical world. The sheer attempt to capture the chronometers with a camera gives a hint on the relativity of size. If digital chronometers can be this small in the physical world, imagine how small devices can become in a fully digital metaverse.




Macrophotography of the Binary Pixel Chronmeter displayed by a webbrowser. Image: Max Haarich



Video of the Binary Pixel Chronometer displayed by a web browser. Video: Max Haarich


The Binary Pixel Chronometer is a binary digital watch showing 60 seconds, 60 minutes, and 24 hours. The GIF file is only 24 pixels small (3×6) animated over 86,4frames.


How to read the Binary Pixel Chronometer. Image: Max Haarich


Click here to see the Binary Pixel Chronometer in orginal size.