TeleNFT @ Ars Electronica

“Teletext is Art” is a multimodal exhibition experience dedicated to 7 bit teletext art. The artworks are presented on air in ORF TELETEXT and ARD text, online at the Museum of Teletext Art, on chain as NFTs on the Tezos blockchain, and in real life at the Ars Electronica Festival 2022.


Watch the Austrian National News’ report about our exhibition.

The digital artworks will been contributed by the 15 international artists presented by TeleNFT, which, for the first time brought cryptoart into the teletext and teletext art onto the blockchain. The contributed works stand out for their deliberate use of medium and context. Teletext raises expectations: on the one hand, it raises aesthetic expectations of technically possible colors and resolutions. Some works play with this ironically by producing even lower levels of detail, sometimes at great expense. On the other hand, the teletext medium raises service expectations of information, news and entertainment. But instead of neutral information, a clear position is taken here; against nation-state wars, against the abortion policy of the USA, against the lies of the classical financial system. Instead of repeating the daily news, it specifically highlights the blind spots, such as mechanisms of monetary policy, which are usually hardly discussed on TV. And instead of illustrating sex hotlines, one prefers to offer entertainment in the form of eerie short stories.

Max Haarich & Gleb Divov

In cooperation with ORF, ARD, and Museum of Teletext Art

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