NFT Gallery Opening


“Dawn of the Metaverse” is Germany’s first gallery exclusively presenting NFT-based art. It will be opened on 7 May in the heart of Munich, in the Donisl-Passage at Marienplatz 1.

Curators Max Haarich (DE) and Gleb Divov (LT) will show works by local and international digital artists from May 7 – June 26, 2022. The selected and regularly changing works demonstrate the medial range of NFT-based art. In terms of content, the artists deal, among other things, with the utopia and dystopia of completely virtualized living worlds, so-called metaverses.

Further info here.

Munich Embassy @Galerie der Künstler*innen

Munich Embassy @Galerie der Künslter*innen

The Munich embassy will be temporarily installed at Galerie der Künstler*innen as part of Bavarian’s newcomer exhibition TACKER. The annual TACKER exhibition series is a pre-selection for the DEBUTANT*INNEN and DIE ERSTEN JAHRE DER PROFESSIONALITÄT programs in the Galerie der Künstler*innen.


The exhibition commission of the BBK selected 21 artistic positions from all submitted applications. From the selected artists* who will exhibit original works in the Galerie der Künstler*innen from 29 JUN – 11 JUL 2021, a jury will select 10 artists* as award winners as follows:


  • 3 artists* will receive DEBUTANT*INNEN funding from the Free State of Bavaria;
  • 7 other artists will be invited to show their work in the exhibition DIE ERSTEN JAHRE DER PROFESSIONALITÄT.


Ambassador H.E. Max Haarich will be present starting from 5 Jul and will offer Užupis citizenships, cherry brandy, and π-nuts if the Corona situation allows.

Munich Embassy @Pixelache Festival (FI)

Munich Embassy @Pixelache Festival (FI)

Soon 20-year-old Pixelache Festival, a transdisciplinary platform for emerging art, design, research and activism, explores this summer collapse from psychological, social and environmental perspective as well as developing resilience. Week-long festival consists of localised FM radio, online streams, media art, lectures,
haircuts, experimental home cooking, among many others.


From 6 – 13 JUN 2021 the Munich embassy will be temporarily installed at the Finnish state library Oodi as part of the Pixelache Festival. Ambassador H.E. Max Haarich will talk offer visitors the Užupis citizenship including cherry brandy and peanuts.

Užupis University Unconference

Užupis University Unconference

It is our pleasure and honor to invite you to the first Užupis University Unconference. This is a unique chance to instantly become wiser and more foolish than you were before. This is your opportunity to explore the campus of Užupis University, enter the doors to it’s faculties, and sneak into the snooky minds of our deans and lecturers. The UžUni staff will be awaiting you to be your teacher as well as your student.


On 31 Mar 2021 at 7 PM Užupis local time you can attend the conference cia this link For updates on the conference please visit the facebook event. For further info about our faculties and lectures, please have a look at

There is no need to register but you need to use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Browser to access the Conference on Topia.

Užupis University Symposium on Applied Paradox

Užupis University Symposium on Applied Paradox

For centuries, we have been following rational thinking in the Cartesian style. This thinking has transformed our mind into a highly efficient tool with which we can analyze, optimize and exploit everything – but somehow it also forces us to do so. Caught in our rational thinking space, we tackle the biggest problems in human history with the same old reflexes that only bring us closer to extinction. Nevertheless, this Cartesian rational thinking is so omnipresent that we can hardly imagine any other way to think and solve problems.


It is time to try something different. Something totally different. So let’s try the opposite of Cartesian rational thinking. Let’s try paradox (: But what does paradox thinking actually look like? And how can we apply paradox to meet the challenges of our time?


At the Užupis University Symposium on Applied Paradox unbearably wise and foolish artists, techis and cultural makers will help us leave our familiar terrain of thoughts to explore the unthinkable. We will discuss the potential of paradox in relation to topics like quantum computing, glitch feminism, space habitation and π!

This project is organized by the Užupis University Institute for Applied Paradox and funded by the City of Munich’s Department of Arts and Culture.