NFT Gallery Opening


“Dawn of the Metaverse” is Germany’s first gallery exclusively presenting NFT-based art. It will be opened on 7 May in the heart of Munich, in the Donisl-Passage at Marienplatz 1.

Curators Max Haarich (DE) and Gleb Divov (LT) will show works by local and international digital artists from May 7 – June 26, 2022. The selected and regularly changing works demonstrate the medial range of NFT-based art. In terms of content, the artists deal, among other things, with the utopia and dystopia of completely virtualized living worlds, so-called metaverses.

Further info here.

Art&Science Panel on AI and NFT @Deutsches Museum

Art&Science Panel on AI and NFT @ Deutsches Museum

How are digital works of art actually created? Can artificial intelligence be creative? And how can art help bring people into contact with science and technology and fuel social debates? The panel at the Hi!A Festival with Wolfgang M. Heckl, Director General of the Deutsches Museum, digital artist Betty Mü and Užupis Ambassador Max Haarich was streamed live on December 2.

Here you can watch the discussion again.

SAAI Award for AI project Smart Hans

SAAI Award for AI project Smart Hans

The team Smart Hans lead by H.E. Max Haarich won Super Artistic AI Factory‘s award in the category “interaction” for their mind-reading horse installation. The award comes with a 2,000 USD production budget to make the installation exhibition ready.

Here is the full story behind the project.

15K € Funding for Artistic Research on Ethical AI

15K € Funding for Artistic Research on Ethical AI

The German Berufsverband Bildender KünstlerInnen awarded Munich ambassador H.E. Max Haarich a grant of 15.000 EUR for an artistic research project in the area of ethical Artificial Intelligence. The grant is financed by the program Neustart Kultur and includes budget for an art installation, which will be exhibited in 2022.


5K € Grant for Artistic Research on the Metaverse

5K € Grant for Artistic Research on the Metaverse

Munich ambassador H.E. Max Haarich was granted 5,000 € by the Bavarian State Ministry for Culture and Science. This grant allows him to further investigate pixels as the substance of the metaverse based on his previous research about single pixels and NFTs.

Munich Embassy @Galerie der Künstler*innen

Munich Embassy @Galerie der Künslter*innen

The Munich embassy will be temporarily installed at Galerie der Künstler*innen as part of Bavarian’s newcomer exhibition TACKER. The annual TACKER exhibition series is a pre-selection for the DEBUTANT*INNEN and DIE ERSTEN JAHRE DER PROFESSIONALITÄT programs in the Galerie der Künstler*innen.


The exhibition commission of the BBK selected 21 artistic positions from all submitted applications. From the selected artists* who will exhibit original works in the Galerie der Künstler*innen from 29 JUN – 11 JUL 2021, a jury will select 10 artists* as award winners as follows:


  • 3 artists* will receive DEBUTANT*INNEN funding from the Free State of Bavaria;
  • 7 other artists will be invited to show their work in the exhibition DIE ERSTEN JAHRE DER PROFESSIONALITÄT.


Ambassador H.E. Max Haarich will be present starting from 5 Jul and will offer Užupis citizenships, cherry brandy, and π-nuts if the Corona situation allows.

Munich Embassy @Pixelache Festival (FI)

Munich Embassy @Pixelache Festival (FI)

Soon 20-year-old Pixelache Festival, a transdisciplinary platform for emerging art, design, research and activism, explores this summer collapse from psychological, social and environmental perspective as well as developing resilience. Week-long festival consists of localised FM radio, online streams, media art, lectures,
haircuts, experimental home cooking, among many others.


From 6 – 13 JUN 2021 the Munich embassy will be temporarily installed at the Finnish state library Oodi as part of the Pixelache Festival. Ambassador H.E. Max Haarich will talk offer visitors the Užupis citizenship including cherry brandy and peanuts.